Sales: Build a Better Relationship with Procurement

You’re in a sales role? You meet with professional buyers on a fairly routine basis? You think you understand them, and their interests…. really understand them? Well, let’s take a few minutes to think about that. Salespeople rightly take pride in their ability to build new relationships, deepen existing ones,
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The ‘Massive Problem’​ at the Heart of Procurement?

I’m always supportive of people debating the merits (or otherwise) of Supplier Relationship Management (SRM) as the topic needs much better understanding amongst practitioners than it current has. Moreover, I still consider it to be the greatest opportunity for buying organisations to secure optimum value from their supplier relationships and,
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Selling to the Professional Buyer: The Toughest of Times for Sales?

Sales has never been the easiest of careers to embark on. Calling on prospects with solutions the decision-maker doesn’t see the need for (or one that is simply dealing with other priorities) is a tough but necessary ask. It takes a special blend of personal resilience, character and optimism to make
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Successful supplier relationship management needs a ‘sense of purpose’

Getting the fundamentals right is key to SRM success, says supply chain management expert David Atkinson By Tom Holmes, Marine Trader Editor Most change programmes fail because of a lack of senior management buy-in and a haphazard approach. That was the opening message from David Atkinson as he began his talk on
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