Procurement 2018: Getting off to a great start

You lead a procurement function. You worked your butt off in 2017 to hit your savings target, and improved supplier performance through your SRM efforts. Those SRM efforts stretched to improving your key supplier’s business operations, and you secured the lion’s share of the benefits that accrued from that support.
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Procurement: The real value is in the post-contracting activities

In this excellent article from DILF “Procurement at a Crossroads – Disrupt or be Disrupted’, Soren Vammen, CEO of DILF and Lars Bjerregaard Mikkelsen, Professor at Aarhus University, make the case for procurement to become, not ‘strategic’, but actually and genuinely relevant to their organisations. They suggest CPOs focus on
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Selling to the Professional Buyer: The Issue of Supplier Choice

In my work of delivering key account management and negotiation programmes, where the focus is on Sales success through the development of close, dependent relationships with customers, the subject of professional procurement frequently arises. Because of my procurement background, I’m often quizzed about how modern-day category managers think, and what
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SRM: Five Leadership Challenges (Part 1)

This new series on ‘the necessary and sufficient components of successful SRM deployment’ (published initially on the excellent Spend Matters website, and now replicated here) now focuses on ‘Leadership’. It’s one thing to read the research, the chapters on SRM in one of the many volumes on procurement practice, or indeed follow commentators
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