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Five Tips For Negotiating With The Professional Buyer

The challenge of dealing with professional procurement is complex and regularly negotiating contracts is a skill that Sales Account Managers must be competent in. I often get asked how modern-day procurement category managers think, and what is it about their practices that create such tension in customer-supplier relationships. My answer goes

London Selling to Procurement Workshop

Following the success of our recent Birmingham open ‘Selling to Procurement’ workshop, we are running a further workshop on May 23rd in central London. For those of you in sales and account management who regularly meet with professional buyers / procurement, this 1 day workshop will really help you to understand the

Attend our S2P Workshop Birmingham Dec 4th

Our workshop to share our Selling to Procurement (S2P) research is confirmed for December 4th 2012, to be held in central Birmingham. Following on from the research, we decided that it was critical to help our clients better manage the relationship with professional buyers. This will be a great opportunity

Selling to Procurement – Complete the 2012 survey

In 2007 Four Pillars (under previous name Mosaic SRM) ran a research study on how key account managers were dealing with the new relationships many of them were (sometimes reluctantly) experiencing with their customers’ procurement professionals.  Procurement had emerged as a key player in a game from which previously they


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