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Sourcing: The Heart of the Matter

Book Review: Sourcing Portfolio Analysis by Andrew Cox These days there is no shortage of advice for procurement and supply chain management practitioners, be it from blogs, white papers, surveys, consultancies and, somewhat less often, well-written books that delve deeper into the subject. It seems that we have reached a

Four Pillars interviewed for Times SCM supplement

This month The Times published Supply Chain 2012, a 16-page supplement on the big issues and trends facing those involved in procurement and supply chain. The report covered procurement, risk, collaboration, SRM, logistics, sustainability and finance, with David Atkinson commenting on SRM and cost-reducing Procurement. On the subject of SRM

‘The Corporation’ by Joel Bakan

This is less of a review of the book than of the accompanying documentary (I started reading the book but gave up once the DVD arrived, rendering it superfluous). Make your own mind up about which you choose. This book/film has been around for a few years now but remains


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