Relationship Transformation

SRM Video Series: #1 What Are You Doing It For?

In my thirty-one years (so far) of working in the procurement field, I’ve seen the profession grow in stature, and as my mentor Professor Andrew Cox has said, witnessed procurement become something of a science. When I started out ‘Purchasing’ was all about being able to negotiate deals with (mostly)

SRM Series: #13 SRM: what problems should it aim to solve?

Rarely a week goes by without a discussion over the definition of SRM (Supplier Relationship Management) and why buying organisations embark on programmes aimed at solving….what exactly? Consensus is largely absent and SRM is variously described as partnering, collaboration, value improvement, supplier development, risk management, performance management, and other ‘pieces

SRM Series: #9 Revisiting Buyer-Supplier Power

The current horse meat scandal is one of those regular events in British life that confirms the prejudices of all manner of people. The usual suspects have (inevitably) seen this as the latest reason to bash the EU. Other usual suspects have bashed the ‘free market’ and the scandal has

What are the skills required for tomorrow’s procurement?

This familiar question was tackled by Mark Hollison, director of procurement at Napp Pharmaceuticals, at Procurecon Pharma 2012 recently. He quoted a survey on skills shortcomings among procurement people, with 64 per cent of practitioners failing to demonstrate the requisite skill level when it comes to ‘executive influence’. In contrast,


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