Supplier Management Case Studies

Supplier Relationship Management – A Personal Journey

10 Minute Read People occasionally ask me why, when there is generally so much attention given to sourcing and procurement tech, do I persist in focusing on supplier relationship management as a means of securing best value from supply relationships.  There isn’t a single reason, but there are two major

Tesco procurement practices exposed and it’s not pretty

An astonishing news story emerged this week via The Independent newspaper detailing some of the procurement practices of the UK’s largest retailer Tesco, from the viewpoint of an understandably anonymous supplier to the supermarket chain.  This bad publicity is on top of the £250m overstating of half-year profits, which has

G4S: the lessons for Procurement

      Pre-opening ceremony, G4S dominated the London2012 Olympics news, and there has been much comment on the reasons why it failed to meet the contracted-for volume of security personnel, with demands for retribution against the company.  Talk has ranged from contract penalty clauses through to the stringing-up of


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