Transforming Sales: Customer Segmentation – Invest in your relationships wisely

One of the challenges that Sales and Key Account Management professionals wrestle with is the issue of how do they segment their customer base so they can adequately prioritise the relationships that are worthy of serious investment.

Over the years, Sales and Marketing academics and researchers have developed a 4-box matrix that helps sales professionals segment and prioritise their customers.

It’s sometimes called the ‘Customer Portfolio Matrix’ but variations on it go under different names. No matter; it has become a useful tool for Sales to justify and plan their investments into specific customer accounts.

This is a short explanation of this model that should prove useful for Sales professionals and, indeed, Procurement specialists who are particularly interested in how suppliers plan for sales.

This is also a small content piece from the Four Pillars’ ‘Selling to Procurement’ programme for Sales professionals.

More details can be found here:

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