Dirty tricks in Negotiation – survey results and report

Once again Four Pillars has teamed-up with our partners Selling Interactions in surveying professional buyers and sellers and now have our report on the supposed ‘dirty tricks’ in negotiation (all’s fair in love and war, right?) ready for sharing.

We thank all who responded to the survey.  We think the results are more than interesting. For example, both the Procurement and Sales’ professionals are prepared to lie (29.4% overall), BUT buyers are twice as likely to lie as sales people (37% vs. 15%). Ouch!

Whilst buyers believe that negotiation has become more ethical, sales people think it has become less so.

See the rest in the full report The Good the Bad and the Ugly – Dirty tricks in Negotiation

Is it true that all buyers are liars and all sales are sleazy?

We hope you enjoy the report.





Negotiation Excellence Programme: In response to our findings, we are launching a new negotiation excellence programme to help sales and business development managers (Procurement professionals too). We will keep you updated!

One thought on "Dirty tricks in Negotiation – survey results and report"

  1. Tim Noble says:

    Hi Dave,
    A really stimulating study with a balanced perspective – interested to know whether levels of honesty vary by business sector and whether stretching the truth is culturally more acceptable in specific areas than others!
    This seems to resonate very strongly with the Andrew Cox work from several years ago on how power regimes remain the real influence on buyer / seller relationships, despite the orthodoxies of the 80s and 90s.
    It also puts a further dent in the argument that buyers these days simply either run e-auctions or develop long term partnerships with their suppliers….the truth is clearly much more complex and interesting.
    Tim Noble

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