Looking through the eyes of procurement…

Congratulations to the participants of our first ever open selling to procurement workshop that took place in Birmingham on the 4th December.

We began by reveiewing our latest research into the Sales: Procurement relationship. View here: The Sales & Procurement Relationship.

There were some excellent discussions around the role of procurement at client accounts and we used 3 key models to help understand this.  Our aim was to show that not all procurement negotiations are created equal:  Some are very tactical and relatively unimportant to the client organisation; others are much more significant and thus receive greater attention and demand greater stamina from the supplier!

By using our Procurement Review template, participants were able to look through the eyes of buyers, and derive important (and sometimes sobering) insights into their key relationships.

We also discussed the “key account” pitfall: Because the supplier designates a client account “key”, there is an implicit assumption that the client also sees it as a key relationship.  Sometimes this is not the case at all.  The supplier may be completely unimportant and therefore receive little access to key decision makers.  And, we also revealed an expected positive: Little access to senior decision makers also means it’s possible to “stay under the radar” with good service and make a reasonable living!

We anticipate running more workshops early in the New Year so if you are interested in attending, please do let us know info@fourpillars.co

One thought on "Looking through the eyes of procurement…"

  1. Kevin Gani says:

    I participated in this event and found the discussions and models that we explored offered great insight into the dynamics between sales and procurement teams. Understanding your client and taking time to analyse the products and services offered in relation to your client’s procurement needs and spend ratios were discussed in detail. Reflecting on past experience I can now see many examples where more knowledge of these buyer tactics would have changed my understanding of a situation and sales strategies. With more powerful finance and purchasing teams this understanding is an escalating priority for sales professionals.

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