Transforming Negotiation

The ability to negotiate effectively is a core business skill: your organisation’s success depends on it. When negotiations are managed effectively, both sides benefit and agreements are enthusiastically implemented.

Four Pillars training challenges current ways of thinking and stretches even the most able negotiators, based on the latest research coupled with many years of business experience.  Programmes are perfect for anyone involved in commercial negotiations with customers or suppliers, but is also valuable for those charged with managing complex change programmes internally where skill and political sensitivity are very important factors in play.

Four Pillars negotiation programmes are led by David Atkinson, a Harvard/MIT accredited trainer in the Mutual Gains Approach. With 30 years experience in commercial negotiations, David and the team draw on the Four Pillars’ knowledge bank of negotiation best practices, real-life case studies and the Dynamic Negotiation Framework seen below:

We ensure your training workshops are relevant and up-to-date and each programme is tailored to meet the specific needs of you, the client.

By focusing on careful analysis and good process management, whether it calls for hard-headed bargaining or a collaborative approach, your negotiators will gain clarity and confidence in their quest to secure the best sustainable agreement for your organisation.

Our support extends to providing individual and group coaching through the negotiation process for clients who need independent, expert insight into the planning and executive of major deals. We are there, at your shoulder, whether you’re negotiating with key customers, strategic suppliers, or powerful internal stakeholders.

Contact David Atkinson to discuss how we can help you to develop powerful and effective skills for dynamic and powerful negotiation.


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