Transforming Procurement: SEI – What is ‘Best Practice’​?

In the previous two videos in this short series on Supplier-Enabled Innovation (SEI), I placed SEI in the realm of Supplier Relationship Management (SRM), and suggested why innovation capture is an important part of Procurement’s value-improving agenda. I also posed a number of questions practitioners should ask themselves to baseline their current approach. (See Video #1 and Video #2 via these links)

In this third video, I explore a few of practices that characterise the more mature organisations who have successfully embedded a repeatable approach to working with key suppliers on improvement and innovation. These include involving suppliers ‘early’, harvesting supplier expertise, pragmatism, and ‘paying it forward’.

The next video in this series will cover some of the hurdles that must be overcome of SEI is to become ‘business-as-usual’, but for now here are some ‘best practices’….

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