Transforming Procurement: Supplier-Enabled Innovation and Relationship Management

In this video I discuss Supplier-Enabled Innovation (SEI), and Procurement, and how innovation is an important component of the Supplier Relationship Management (SRM) agenda.

We all agree that innovation is a ‘good thing’ and that smart suppliers can supplement the smart people in our organisations in generating new ideas.

It’s definitely on the Procurement agenda, and has been for a very long time. Yet still, many have difficulty in embedding it in day-to-day practice. Perhaps there’s a bit of ‘all or nothing’ about it. One the one hand, the idea of a breakthrough new idea is very seductive, but the reality of all the hard work that goes into developing those new ideas puts SEI in the ‘too difficult’ box for many organisations.

Some (hopefully) useful questions for those trying to re-energise their SEI efforts near the end.

This video is one of a series I’m pulling together, and that will cover why innovation is important for business success, what best practice SEI looks like, and the leadership responsibilities of the C-suite and the CPO.

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