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In 2007 Four Pillars (under previous name Mosaic SRM) ran a research study on how key account managers were dealing with the new relationships many of them were (sometimes reluctantly) experiencing with their customers’ procurement professionals.  Procurement had emerged as a key player in a game from which previously they had been largely excluded, and account managers brought-up on relationship selling were finding it incredibly difficult to forge the productive relationships.

We surveyed 140 organisations in Europe and the United States and our findings made for tough reading for account managers in all sectors; most had a profound lack of understanding of how procurement operates and, despite acknowledging the emerging importance of procurement, most were reluctant and fearful of engagement ‘with the enemy’.

Now, in 2012, we are repeating that research and to find out to what extent the sales and account management profession has learned to love Procurement.

Four Pillars has teamed-up with Selling Interactions to investigate this important area once again, and both are excited to learn (and to share that learning) how this challenge faced by sales and key account managers in almost all business sectors is being dealt with.

If you have a client or customer facing role in sales or account management, then please take the few minutes necessary to complete the survey, using the following link.

If there are others in your team or your network that may wish to participate, then please forward this message.

Finally, if you find there are issues and challenges related to your experience of dealing with procurement not addressed in the survey, but that you’d like to share, simply drop me a line.

All respondents will receive a copy of our Insight Report, detailing the survey results and our analysis.

Thanks for taking part.

David Atkinson

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