SRM Series: #15 Are your post-contract value aspirations high enough?

In this video from the London eWorld Forum in autumn 2013, David Atkinson presents an argument for organisations taking more seriously the opportunities provides by Supplier Relationship Management (SRM).

In discussing the value that SRM can bring to companies, as well as the risk of value leakage through neglect in relationship management, David presents a framework for creating and implementing a successful SRM programme and how that framework provides the basis for genuinely effective supplier engagement.

Finally, he lays down a challenge to leaders to take SRM more seriously and to solution providers to help liberate the procurement profession from the shackles of price-focused cost reduction.

(Note: the unusual introduction referencing time-keeping is a wry comment on the previous keynote speaker who overran the 45 minutes allotted to them by 30 minutes, eating into David’s time slot.) 

There is a 4000-word White Paper written for conference delegates. If you would like a copy, then simply contact us via email and we’ll get it to you right away.

One thought on "SRM Series: #15 Are your post-contract value aspirations high enough?"

  1. Susan Federowicz says:

    Thank you for this link. Is it OK to share with my procurement colleagues? Also, if you can send me your white paper and any other references I would appreciate that.

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