Supplier Relationship Management: Do This First

Towards the end of 2015, following a number of conference speeches last year on the subject of SRM, we shot a number of videos that we thought could be easily ‘consumed’ by people interested in the subject. Simply called ‘Supplier Relationship Management: The Video Series’, they were designed to guide people through the crucial very first steps in developing a programme that can truly deliver excellent and sustainable results.

Of course, a few short videos aren’t going to tell the whole story, but my experience tells me that, without the robust strategy framework that I discuss in the videos, I’m convinced programmes are almost certain to fail. My recommendation is two-fold:

  1. If your organisation is about to ‘start’ SRM, then follow the simple framework presented in the videos, and do it first, before you embark on an expensive, although hopeful implementation.
  2. If your organisation already has an SRM programme in place, carry out a healthcheck on it after viewing these videos. The very least you will achieve is an understanding of where your programme is currently, and whether you’re hitting the stated and unstated needs of your internal stakeholders.

I hope you find the videos interesting, and here they are, in one place for the first time.

Good luck, and please get in touch if you’d like anything explained in more detail.

Good wishes,


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