Part 2: Procurement: the real challenges to effective working with internal stakeholders (and how to overcome them)

In his previous blog on the challenges of securing stakeholder involvement and buy-in for procurement strategies initiatives, Professor Andrew Cox expands on how these could be overcome, citing IIAPS client cases. Tactical Solutions to the Lack of Cross-Functional Involvement & Buy-in Building on our previous analysis of the 12 Major

Procurement: the real challenges to effective working with internal stakeholders

Four Pillars’ work in the procurement sphere often involves working with cross-functional teams in developing category and supplier management strategies. We would go as far to say that effective procurement is most-definitely a cross-functional endeavour, particularly so when strategic categories of supply and key supplier relationships are being considered. Generic

Tesco procurement practices exposed and it’s not pretty

An astonishing news story emerged this week via The Independent newspaper detailing some of the procurement practices of the UK’s largest retailer Tesco, from the viewpoint of an understandably anonymous supplier to the supermarket chain.  This bad publicity is on top of the £250m overstating of half-year profits, which has

SRM Series: #8 Supplier Relationship Management: 10 Guiding Principles

In my work training or consulting with clients, and lecturing to MBA students in procurement and supplier relationship management (SRM), a number of general principles (axioms, if you like) have emerged that people find useful when it comes to understanding, promoting and implementing SRM in their organisations. If your organisation


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