Contract Management

SRM Video Series: #1 What Are You Doing It For?

In my thirty-one years (so far) of working in the procurement field, I’ve seen the profession grow in stature, and as my mentor Professor Andrew Cox has said, witnessed procurement become something of a science. When I started out ‘Purchasing’ was all about being able to negotiate deals with (mostly)

SRM Series: #11 The Use of Power in Supply Markets

In this third in a series of blogs from Chris Lonsdale on the concept of power in buyer-supplier relationships, he asserts that a dominant power position in a business relationship is just that, a position. It doesn’t have to be aggressively exploited. In practice the deployment of power resources is a

G4S: the lessons for Procurement

      Pre-opening ceremony, G4S dominated the London2012 Olympics news, and there has been much comment on the reasons why it failed to meet the contracted-for volume of security personnel, with demands for retribution against the company.  Talk has ranged from contract penalty clauses through to the stringing-up of


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