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SRM: Setting up for Success

In recent months we’ve seen the re-emergence of Supplier Relationship Management (SRM) as a topical issue and a genuine priority for CPOs. Sadly, the topicality has mainly been case after case of evidently inadequate SRM from ‘bullying’ customers, particularly from the food and beverage sector. Apparently extending supplier payment terms

Taxing times for relationship managers

Yesterday, as usual, I woke up to the sound of BBC Radio 4’s ‘Today’ programme and a report on the apparent infiltration of tax consultants from the ‘Big Four’ accountancy firms into HM’s Treasury department.  These consultants were on short-term placement in Whitehall to help civil servants understand how tax loopholes

G4S: the lessons for Procurement

      Pre-opening ceremony, G4S dominated the London2012 Olympics news, and there has been much comment on the reasons why it failed to meet the contracted-for volume of security personnel, with demands for retribution against the company.  Talk has ranged from contract penalty clauses through to the stringing-up of

Government may be exchanging more than it plans to

The Cabinet Office is once again making the news with its Commercial Interchange Programme where suppliers – large and small – can develop closer ties with government by both parties seconding staff into each other’s domains. The idea is that commercial skills and knowledge are developed, with the Cabinet Office’s


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