Thinking about a career in procurement?

I’ve been asked to present to the local girls’ school on the subject of a career in procurement. It’s essentially a talk offering career advice to sixth-formers who are thinking about university and career options.

This is the presentation I’ve prepared.

If you have teenagers (or even older children, or friends) then this might help in describing what procurement is (*whispers* it’s not really shopping), how it impacts business, and why it’s a great career.

Feedback welcome.

Girls School Career Advice (July 2017)

One thought on "Thinking about a career in procurement?"

  1. Anthony Warham says:

    I think it says just enough to get questions asked and an interest sparked. Well done and thanks for sharing. One area that may be worth adding in is that a role in Procurement can lead to work in numerous areas like business process transformation, IT automation, legal, compliance and leadership roles. A good career stepping stone and also a lot of fun.

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