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Transform your personal performance through powerful, individual.

A modern corporate work life is likely to span multiple projects with multiple reporting lines, multiple time zones that demand a lot of travel and significant education and development requirements too… oh, and trying to find the energy for a personal life too! It’s hugely complex and demanding and may not leave any room for just stopping to think about how you are doing or how you can improve.

Choosing to work with a coach or a mentor on an individual basis can provide the focus and bring the discipline to your progress that may be almost impossible to create alone. There is a great demand in the workplace for immediate results, and coaching can help provide that.

Although it works best if both the organisation and the executive are committed to the coaching for it to be successful, in practice, the idea to engage a coach can originate from either HR and leadership development professionals or from executives themselves. In the past, it has more often sprung from the organisational side, but, in our experience, given the growing track record of coaching to support fast movers, the impetus increasingly comes from the individual.

Coaching is hugely effective for executives and leaders who find themselves saying, “I want to get there, but I’m not sure how to do it”. Coaching works best when you know what you want to get done. Perhaps, in spite of an outstanding track record, you haven’t yet gained the full interpersonal capability or emotional intelligence required of senior managers – honing such a skill might be an appropriate goal for a coaching assignment.

One thing for sure is that you will have to be open to feedback and willing to face positive change in yourself. If not, coaching may not be the answer.

When you work with one of the Four Pillars coaches, we will help you to:

  • Understand your situation and your organisation as a whole
  • Increase your personal readiness to change and your drive for improvement
  • Set clear goals and plans for how to achieve them
  • Review your progress and update your plans for success

Four Pillars coaching and mentoring will enable you to identify obstacles to your effectiveness and establish a road map to personal success. It will help you to improve your focus, enthusiasm and performance.

Talk to David Atkinson at Four Pillars to find out more about our Coaching and Mentoring programme.


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