Influencing Stakeholders

How to influence stakeholders, and create excellent internal partners.

More and more people are positioned to provide expert advice – there are great expectations about their contribution but they don’t have the authority to tell people what to do. They are dependent on their ability to build credibility about their expertise and good relationships with the people they are advising if they are to really deliver value. They have to Influence stakeholders, but without executive authority.

However, many of them often find it more difficult than is commonly acknowledged to establish their credibility and to build the relationships and commitment they really need to bring their influence to bear effectively. For example, they have not yet become a black belt in the art of influence, which is so important in the modern networked organisation.

This may leave them struggling to get the entry and agreement they need to drive through important projects and deliver the benefits they desire.

We believe it is essential that trusted advisors and other internal change agents better understand how to win the hearts and minds of their clients. The ability to influence stakeholders is critical if they are to be truly effective in supporting the changes that they have planned.

Built around a structured approach, called the Stakeholder Engagement Cycle, our Influencing Stakeholders programme will help you to:

  • identify areas which require improvement in your influencing skills
  • understand the dynamics of the advisor-client relationship and the process of effective influencing
  • build close dependable relationships with existing and potential clients
  • be able to diagnose the level of readiness for change and understand a variety of different approaches to increasing it
  • generate data about the situation you are working in, make an accurate diagnosis of its meaning and feed it back to clients
  • be able to work jointly with clients on the development of their improvement strategy
  • be able to evaluate the effectiveness of your intervention and use this as the basis for the next phase of work

The Stakeholder Engagement Cycle provides a highly structured but dynamic approach which will enable you to take all the steps necessary to enable your client to get on board whilst ensuring that you can bring your expert advice to bear in an effective way.

We can help you to develop the dynamic skills you need for Influencing stakeholders which will enable you to bring your expert knowledge to bear and achieve the improvement that you and your stakeholders so desire.

Contact David Atkinson at Four Pillars and discuss how we can help you to develop the effective influencing skills that will make all of the difference to your professional impact.


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