Selling to Procurement

The Four Pillars’ Selling to Procurement programme will fully prepare your sales personnel to deal effectively with their opposite numbers from your customers’ procurement team.

There is no doubt that the influence of Procurement on the buying decision continues to grow.  No longer confined to leading manufactured goods companies in sectors such as automotive, best practice procurement techniques are increasingly being applied to the procurement of services, leaving account managers and sales people confused, and challenged beyond their current capabilities.

The consequence of this Procurement advance is that it is now harder to win new contracts and retain business even with the most strategic customers.

At Four Pillars, we think this challenge can be tackled proactively and successfully by equipping your sales and account managers with the skills and confidence to fearlessly engage with Procurement.

Through our training workshops or our coaching support, they will be guided through the tools that procurement professionals use to secure value for their own organisations, how they prioritise, map power and profile your relationship. Most importantly, our Selling to Procurement programme will show your sales people how procurement professionals develop their strategies, how they negotiate, and why your superior insight into their methods will help you achieve results far superior to those of your competitors.

We’ve ‘been there and done that’ for real; our programme is based on David Atkinson’s 30 years’ experience in senior procurement roles at several global organisations, his deep knowledge of best practice and research in the field, and Four Pillars extensive, combined team experience of working with sales and key account managers.

In our workshops, your sales and account management team will apply their new learning to real customer relationships, build a deeper understanding of why your customers behave the way they do, and develop a specific action plan for closer customer alignment that will dramatically increase your chances of success.

One of our recent programme participants said:

“Our engagement with Four Pillars has truly been excellent. This is one of the very few programmes where I am referring to the materials and putting the tools to genuine use in my day job. The whole programme has been great, and very expertly delivered.”

We will tailor the Selling to Procurement programme to suit your needs; from executive briefings, through intensive practical workshops and on to real-time deal coaching for key contract negotiations.

Gain a competitive edge in your market by giving us a call right now to find out how we can help you more effectively deal with procurement and engage without fear or favour!


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